An Exciting New Partnership: Organic Garage Ltd. and Rival House

A top Canadian organic grocer has announced its new partnership with Rival House, a Toronto company that creates non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits.

One of Canada’s leading independent organic grocers, Organic Garage develops and sells healthy plant-based foods and supplements. Additionally, the company works with other local food sellers through its Hand-Picked Partner Program, which has now expanded to include non-alcoholic beverages.

In each of Organic Garage’s store locations, merchandisers will curate and manage the listings for Rival House under a revenue share agreement.

Organic Garage CEO and President Matt Lurie explained the partnership as a way to offer customers products that are in demand without incurring the risks that may arise if the company managed the category independently.

“Continuing to expand the Hand-Picked Partner program to help fill out our offer to customers was a priority of ours as we look towards increasing our store count,” Lurie said. “Working with a partner in the non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirit category allows us to tap into the expertise of Rival House, who know the space better than anyone, and allows us to provide a dynamic and unique offer while limiting the cost of inventory and potential shrink that would normally be incurred if we were to manage the category ourselves.”

Undoubtedly, the move into the non-alcoholic beverage market is a smart one. The demand for non-alcoholic beverages has skyrocketed in recent months, with Nielsen observing that in the United States, alcohol-free beverage sales have totaled over $300 million over the past twelve months. This is a 33.2% increase from the previous year, with alcohol free beer specifically climbing in sales by an impressive 31.7%. Additionally, non-alcoholic wine has jumped by 39.4%, and the demand for alcohol-free spirits has increased by 113.4%.

Rival House’s Co-Owner David Pierson also expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “as a frequent shopper at Organic Garage prior to our partnership, it is a dream come true to be working with Matt along with the entire Organic Garage team on this program. We believe that Organic Garage and Rival House carry many of the same values and we are grateful that we’re able to contribute to their business by offering Organic Garage customers some great non-alcoholic options.”

Pierson also discussed how the partnership can help consumers learn more about the non-alcoholic products available on the market, and hopefully increase the non-alcoholic beverage industry’s representation and visibility.

“The Canadian market for non-alcoholic beverages has been vastly underrepresented for years,” Pierson noted. “We always knew the demand was there; it was just a matter of bringing the best possible non-alcoholic products to the Canadian consumer and raising awareness.”

About Organic Garage Ltd.

A leading independent organic grocer in Canada, Organic Garage (TSXV: OG | OTCQX: OGGFF | FRA: 9CW1) offers consumers healthy and sustainable food options without the unaffordable price point that comes with most organic brands. Prioritizing inclusiveness and value-focused grocery shopping, the Company was founded in 2005 by a fourth-generation grocer. Currently, Organic Garage is headquartered in Toronto and aiming to expand its operations within the Greater Toronto Area.

About Rival House Ltd.

A Toronto-based company, Rival House is an importer and wholesaler that specializes in non-alcoholic beverages. Among their inventory is premium non-alcoholic wine, beers, and spirits. Rival House is a company on a mission to provide Canadian consumers with a full line of non-alcoholic beverages, despite the market being historically underrepresented. What started with a simple search for alcohol-free wine is now an operation that scours the globe to find beverages that are free from alcohol-- but certainly not quality, refreshment and flavour. Rival House’s most recent addition to their selections is there own Non Alcoholic Craft Beer brewed by a renowned Brewmaster in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  The beers have been consistently getting great reviews throughout Canada and the USA.

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