Non - Alcoholic Craft Beer Actually Exists, and it's GOOD!

Non - Alcoholic Craft Beer Actually Exists, and it's GOOD!

Craft beer—what is it? While you may not be the type to sit back on a hot day with your phone in one hand and a beer in the other—or maybe you don’t drink at all—it’s hard to miss the growing assortment of craft beverages at your local liquor store or bar.


The term “Craft Beer” could end up being the most used of the decade now that craft breweries are on the rise with Canada having more than 1,200 under their belt. But with this term popping up almost everywhere you look, one can’t help but wonder what exactly qualifies a beer to be given the title “Craft?”


The term craft beer is given when a small-scale, independent brewery produces only a small output each year. Unfortunately, there is no set value that classifies whether a beer is a craft or not, causing confusion. Usually, when the term craft beer is discussed, we’re not referring to a large corporation by any means but independently owned breweries where craftsmanship is key.


The best craft beers are made by small independent brewers, anyway. They use locally sourced ingredients and produce innovative and interesting brews focusing on great taste.


Rival House Craft Beer is home to some amazing flavours.


Our Amber Lager has tasty honey-like sweetness and a herbaceous hop aroma. The refined earthy flavour makes for a delicious lager without the alcohol.


The Hazy IPA is a juicy medium to light bodied IPA with a hazy marmalade appearance. Tasting notes of sweet bread and pineapple, making this a scrumptious fruity beer. All with hints of mango, papaya, lychee and green coconut.


Finally, our Pale Ale is defined by its citrus hop character. It’s a medium to light-bodied craft beer with tropical fruit flavours. A nice golden honey aroma is complemented by notes of lemon zest, citrus pitch, pine and resin to formulate a fun, hoppy craft beer.

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