The Amazing Phenomenon of Non-Alcoholic Beer and Olympians

The Amazing Phenomenon of Non-Alcoholic Beer and Olympians

Wait, what? Olympians, the greatest athletes in the world, drink non-alcoholic beer for recovery? You read that right. There have even been studies conducted on this topic (we’ll link the study at the bottom of this blog). The end result was that non-alcoholic beer reduces inflammation and incidence of respiratory tract illness.

The Olympians that have taken advantage of non-alcoholic beer are to no surprise, the Germans. The German Olympic team brought in 35,000 litres of non-alcoholic beer to the athlete’s village in PyeongChang in 2018. Call it a coincidence if you’d like – but Germany finished tied for 1st place in gold medals with 14 at the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Germany's Olympic Secret | MyRecipes

Now, I’m not saying non-alcoholic beer will turn you into an Olympian or a world class athlete. But hey, if it can help you with recovery from that early morning workout or a long Peloton ride and replace those sugary sports drinks, that’s a win!

Take some Rival House products for example. So.Beer Grapefruit is packed with electrolytes and only contains 7 grams of sugar per 355ml (Beer with Benefits!). Brewdog Nanny State, one of our best sellers, contains only 21 calories per 330ml and 4.3grams of carbs. On the contrary, a 591ml bottle of a typical sports drink packs in 34grams of sugar and 36grams of carbohydrates. Sure, you get some electrolytes too, but you’d have to drink nearly 5 cans of So.Beer or 11+ cans of Brewdog to reach that sugar content that would be in just ONE sports drink! Not to mention that you are getting much more out of a couple alcohol-free beers vs. one sports drink as far as recovery is concerned.

That’s all for today. I encourage you to keep an eye out for what Olympians are drinking at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – you may be surprised!



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