Explaining Alcoholic Spirits

Explaining Alcoholic Spirits

Wait – liquor with no alcohol? That’s right. To many this is still a new concept – but trust me – it’s here to stay! What’s great about non-alcoholic spirits is you are free to enjoy the same way you would a regular liquor. Either enjoy it straight up on the rocks, mix with your favourite beverage, or use some Rival House mixology tips to create a delicious cocktail.

There is bound to be some curiosity around how these spirits are made and retain a similar flavor to the real deal, we get it! Our 2 favourite brands, Lyres and Free Spirits, are here to tell you.

From Lyres:

Lyre’s is incredibly challenging to craft – from our expert deconstruction of the elements that make the time-honored classic flavours, to the meticulous sourcing of every all-natural, unique essence, extract and distillate from around the globe, to the development of our own proprietary non-alcoholic base. We take great pride in the drinks that Lyre’s has created and want people to recognize our commitment to bring these classic drinks to people looking to make mindful choices. It’s part of the reason why we are a premium product in that we lead the development of this new category, giving people the social freedom by making possible what was previously impossible available across the globe. 

From Free Spirits:

Through a process called Distillate Reconstruction, each one of the Free Spirits is crafted by identifying that spirit's unique fingerprint (all of the raw materials, flavors and interactions that give a traditional spirit its unique flavor profile). Then we source those ingredients (like Blue Agave, White Oak and Juniper Berries) and distill them into natural flavors, extracts and botanicals. We then we reconstruct that spirit, to form something much bigger than the sum of its parts. And, instead of a fermentation process that generates alcohol, we simply infuse the source liquid with nutrients like B Vitamins and energy to help enhance your mood, the social experience, and your spirit.

Make sense? These guys don’t play around. They use the best ingredients available and subsequently produce the best non-alcoholic spirits out there. I encourage you to check out our selection of Lyres and Free Spirits at Rival House. If you like mixology, check out our staff’s favourite mocktails which are available in the “Staff Quotes” section of each product we offer. 

P.S. If you want to just cut back on spirits but not eliminate them completely, give half-and-half a try! Instead of doing a full shot of your favourite spirit, make it a half shot and put in some Lyres or Free Spirits to top things off. You may not even notice the difference!

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