Happy Dry February!

Happy Dry February!

You’ve made it through the holidays and that first month getting back into the swing of things for the new year and if you’re feeling a little foggy and saturated—for lack of a better word—don’t worry, you’re not alone. More often than not, year-end indulging can lead to habits.


But not to worry! Whether you want a change in lifestyle or need some extra inspiration so as not to fail that New Year’s resolution, we’ve got you covered.


Since 2016, Dry Feb has been taking over the nation to help raise awareness—and funds—for the Canadian Cancer Society as it challenges you to go alcohol-free for the whole month. The funds raised aids research as well as provides a compassionate national support system for anyone affected by cancer by answering questions regarding treatments, side effects and much more.


And if that’s not inspiring enough, there are great health benefits that come with taking some time away from the bottle.


  1. You may lose weight. Alcohol comes with its calories, but many of us accept it because we enjoy it. Yet, how many of us actually calculate the amount of calories we consume every day? Unless you are adamant about counting your calories, you may be surprised how much extra weight you’re carrying because of your favourite alcoholic beverage.


  1. You’ll be in a better mental state. Once you get past the frustrations of not being able to take a swig of your favourite beer, you will discover your energy is higher and you will begin thinking more clearly. Who could say no to that?


  1. You are going to save some $$$. Taking a break from your favourite wine or beer is going to keep those dollar bills in your pocket, freeing up your budget for things you may have been pushing off.


  1. You will get better sleep. If you didn’t know, going to sleep with alcohol in your system makes the quality of your sleep drop drastically. And, no, just because it is easier to sleep after a night of drinking doesn’t mean you’re getting quality sleep. That’s a big lie. No, try not drinking for a month and you’ll notice a big difference in the AM. Hey, maybe you’re a morning person after all.


  1. You’re going to see things differently and for the better. Whether you learn how to unwind differently after an exhausting day at work or see your drinking habits for what they really are, you are going to learn something and see your lifestyle from a different angle.



And with all this good information, Rival House has a cheat sheet for you, a hack to have a successful Dry February and not lose the flavour.


Rival House is home to non-alcoholic craft beer with low calories and great taste!


Our Amber Lager has tasty honey-like sweetness and a herbaceous hop aroma. The refined earthy flavour makes for a delicious lager without the alcohol.


The Hazy IPA is a juicy medium to light bodied IPA with a hazy marmalade appearance. Tasting notes of sweet bread and pineapple, making this a scrumptious fruity beer. All with hints of mango, papaya, lychee and green coconut.


Finally, our Pale Ale is defined by its citrus hop character. It’s a medium to light-bodied craft beer with tropical fruit flavours. A nice golden honey aroma is complemented by notes of lemon zest, citrus pitch, pine and resin to formulate a fun, hoppy craft beer.


There is so much to gain from removing alcohol from your lifestyle for a month and very little to lose especially when Rival House offers our alcohol-free craft beers, so why not give this Dry February a try and see what happens. Who knows, you may want to participate every year!


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