Local Delivery is Carbon Neutral!

Local Delivery is Carbon Neutral!

Local Delivery is Carbon Neutral! 

Over the past year, Rival House customers in the Greater Toronto Area have been able to take advantage of our “Local Delivery” shipping option. While being both a cost effective and quick delivery option for our customers, we are also happy to say that Local Delivery is completely carbon neutral.


What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

To be carbon neutral means that your carbon dioxide output has a net neutral impact on the environment and our local delivery partners have done just that! They partnered with non-profit Gold Standard to purchase and donate carbon credits to the safe water access project in Rwanda. By cleaning and rehabilitating boreholes, the Gold Standard has been able to provide access to clean, safe water to communities in Rwanda.


Benefits of Safe Water Access Project in Rwanda, according to Gold Standard

  • Each of the 12 micro-projects under this programme prevent 10,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions
  • A supply of clean safe water for communities
  • Reduced incidence of waterborne diseases and diarrhea, lifting the burden of disease on people’s livelihoods
  • Less time spent collecting water as many traditional sources such as wells and rivers are in remote locations or simply too far away to regularly access.
  • Less time and effort spent collecting wood to boil and sanitize water
  • Reduced expenditure on wood fuel, leaving money free for other household expenses
  • Reduced pressure on local wildlife and ecosystems due to reduced deforestation.


Beyond Carbon Neutral local delivery, Rival House is actively looking for ways to use our business and platform to reduce emissions and help the environment. Stay tuned for updates on our mission!

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