Where to Buy Non Alcoholic Beer in Canada?


Anyone who does not drink alcohol (or is looking to stop) understands the tiresome, frustrating feeling: showing up to a social gathering to find an abundance of beer, wine, and possibly even an array of spirits-- but essentially nothing else.

Of course, you would have been willing to bring your own, but even at your local supermarket or liquor store, it can be hard to find non-alcoholic beers or wines.

For too many people, the perceived lack of availability of no or low alcohol beer is a barrier to enjoying a refreshing drink without the effects and risks of alcohol. The reality is, however, there are plenty of places, online and in-person, where you can buy non-alcoholic beer-- and we can help you find them.

Nearest Retailers to Buy Non-Alcoholic Beer in Canada?

Who Should Buy Non-Alcoholic Beer?

When it comes to this question, there’s no wrong answer. There are many different reasons why someone may opt for low alcohol beer, from medical reasons to religious beliefs to just wanting to avoid the stress of a hangover.

For some, personal or medical circumstances have led them to a lifestyle that involves 0 alcohol. Beer in particular has a lot of empty calories, leading some to choose non-alcoholic beer as a healthier alternative. In some cases, our customers have never drank alcohol, and others have chosen to cut it out of their diet.

Of course, alcohol comes with a litany of health risks-- especially when it comes to heavy drinking. While some people may turn to non-alcoholic beer because they recognize they have a bad relationship with alcohol, others are simply aware of the health detriments, and want to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

That said, not everyone who enjoys low alcohol beer is completely sworn off alcohol. After all, the best low alcohol beers taste so good, even fans of traditional beer prefer their non-alcoholic counterpoints every once in a while.

Even if you do drink, if you are planning a social function, it is a good idea to buy non-alcoholic beer if any traditional drinks are being served. Not only will this be inclusive to everybody on your guest list, but it will ensure that your friends who do not drink alcohol do not feel singled out or the centre of attention for not having a beer in their hands.

Plus, every responsible social outing should include a designated driver-- and by offering low alcohol beer, you can make sure no DD is missing out on the fun.

Should I Look For 0 Alcohol Beer?

Part of the reason so many people struggle to find a brand of non alcoholic beer that works for them is the idea that if it’s not 0 alcohol beer, it does not “count” as non-alcoholic. There are actually plenty of low alcohol beer options under 0.05% alcohol that are, given the incredibly low percentage considered to be non-alcoholic beer.

This is all to say that 0 alcohol beer is not necessarily the right guiding force for anyone looking to buy non-alcoholic beer-- instead, you should keep your eyes peeled for the 0.05% label.

Finding A Place To Buy Low Alcohol Beer

There are plenty of people out there who are interested in giving low alcohol beer a try, but do not know where or how they can get their hands on it.

As impossible as it can feel to buy non alcoholic beer from your local store, Rival House products can be found at a number of in-person retail stores across Ontario-- you can find your nearest retailer here.

Those who live outside of Ontario-- or just prefer the ease and comfort of online shopping-- can also buy our products on Amazon and Rival House Website

You can also order your favourite low alcohol beer (along with alcohol free wine and spirits, if that’s your preference) directly from our online store, with same or next day shipping available to our customers in the GTA.

Between our variety of styles, flavours and brands, our sustainable business practices, and of course, our great taste, it goes with saying that Rival House offers Canada’s best non alcoholic beer.

But on top of that, we strive to not only make non alcoholic beer delicious, but also accessible. Everyone deserves to feel included, and it should be easy, straightforward and stress free to buy non alcoholic beer.

By working to make sure our products are easily available in stores and online, we make sure our customers spend less time searching for non alcoholic drinks, and more time enjoying them.

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