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Due to freezing temperatures and delays in deliveries due to Supply Chain issues created by COVID we are unable to provide Canada Wide shipping during the Winter Months. We will continue to ship orders within Ontario and Quebec. For our valued customers that are outside of our Winter shipping area we suggest you order from AMAZON as most of our products are available on Amazon and they have a product in different warehouses across Canada. We plan to have products in our own warehouses in Western Canada, Eastern Canada, and the USA in 2022 to better serve all of our Customers. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Rival House Non Alcoholic Beer 

 Alcohol-Free Wines at Amazon Available Right Now


Win Verdejo De Alcoholised Organic White Wine 750 ml Vegan Suitable Wine

Lussory Non-Alcoholic Organic White Chardonnay

WIN Sparkling Verdejo Alcohol Removed Organic Wine


Lussory Premium Organic Non-Alcoholic Red Merlot

WIN Sparkling White Verdejo Vegan Suitable Wine

WIN Tempranillo De Alcoholised Red Wine



Upcoming Products at Rival House Amazon 



Lussory Non-Alcoholic Organic Sparkling Brut

Lussory Premium White Chardonnay Alcohol Free Wine

Lussory Premium Rose Alcohol-Free 750 ml




WIN Tempranillo - 12 Months Oak-Aged De-Alcoholised Red Wine