alcohol-free wine
is now a thing. Really.

Not long ago, options for non-alcoholic wines were limited, and, to be honest, bland at best. All that is changing, and fast.

Our mission: shatter the status quo

It may surprise you to learn that alcohol-free wines are capable of containing all the same flavours, structures and exceptional taste as traditional wines. And like their alcohol-containing siblings, they come from a variety of regions in many styles.

Rival House spends countless hours researching, traveling, tasting and evaluating products from growers around the globe. And beyond this, we have both a nutritionist and an engineer on staff to filter through technical claims. The mission is to find only the best quality products to share with our customers.

What you need to know: The state-of-the-art on alcohol-free wine

Ideally, the only difference between a high-quality alcohol-free wine and a traditional wine should be the absence of the chemical compound ethanol alcohol. The most obvious way to do this: you start by making a great wine, then you gently remove the alcohol.

A quality alcohol-free wine starts out just like regular fine wine. From fermenting through to aging, both undergo the exact same vinification process. But for our products, there is second and unique process: de-alcoholizaition.

This extra step is a challenge—it needs to be done gently and precisely, and most wine-makers simply don't have the expertise. It makes the alcohol-free wine-making process more complicated and costly, which creates a marketing perception challenge, having to charge more for the absence of something!

So, most traditional winemakers just don't bother. But in the last few years, a new breed of specialists have emerged to address this growing market and alcohol-free wines are now evolving quickly.

Why alcohol-free wines have a bad rep

Various dealcoholization methods have been tried over the years. Way back, wine-makers would just boil off the alcohol. But this cooked the wine, destroying delicate compounds and flavors — and created lasting negative impressions about alcohol-free wines.

Others have made poor attempts by adding other flavours to grape juice in an attempt to make a Wine tasting product but unfortunately just ended up with a different grape juice. These products also contributed to a bad reputation.

In the 2020s, we now know that if you are going to utilize the latest delocalization technology, one of the best ways to make great alcohol-free wine is by starting with a great wine. Period!

New modern methods are game-changers

Luckily, we now have more sophisticated techniques that can remove the alcohol while retaining the original characteristics of the wine. The renewed interest in alcohol-free products has challenged the industry and many millions are being spent on research and development which has led to some great new alcohol-free wines entering the marketplace, with many more to come.

Interested in the latest methods for removing alcohol from wine? Below we take a quick look at the top four. And there are other promising techniques that involve different types of membranes or evaporation, all in constant development. It's very exciting!

Spinning Cone Column (SCC)

This process has been widely used in the most prestigious wine regions. Originally developed for the adjustment of alcohol in regular wines, this technology is extraordinarily gentle so as not to affect the character of the wine. Inside a high vacuum, low temperature environment, a series of spinning cones separate the wine into three components: aromas and flavour, body, and alcohol. Then the aromas, flavour and body are recombined to create the alcohol-free wine.

GoLo Technologies

This newer Very Low Temperature Distillation (VLTD) process combines de-alcoholization expertise paired with engineering and distillation expertise. GoLo technology enables the de-alcoholization of beverages to 0.05% abv and allows in a single pass the recovery and retention of 100% of the product’s original aromas and flavor compounds. While raising the bar in terms of offering beverage producers affordable, energy-efficient adaptive technology. This process adds a new exciting option to the world of making quality alcohol-free wines.

Vacuum Distillation

The wine is heated in a vacuum which allows the ethanol alcohol to evaporate at a much lower temperature than it normally would vapourize. To preserve the flavour, this is done at the lowest possible temperature to avoid cooking the wine during the evaporation process.

Reverse Osmosis

The wine is passed through an extremely fine filter that removes water and alcohol while leaving most of the elements (colour, tannin, ‘taste’) behind. The water and alcohol mix is distilled to remove the alcohol and then recombined to produce an alcohol-free wine. As with every dealcoholization method, Research and Development is leading changes to these processes on a continual basis due to the consumers demands.

The right wine for you

White wine

Refreshing whites like chardonnays will have a slightly different balance between acid and fruits but you can still distinguish the varietal.

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Red wine

With our selection of premium fine red wines from Europe, there is something to please every discerning palate.

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Preserving the character of the red grape, alcohol-free rosés offer a variety of profiles ranging from sweet with almost no acid to simple and acidic.

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Sparkling wine

Available in dry, off-dry and sweet, alcohol-free sparklings can be delightful when made traditionally and then have the alcohol gently removed.

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Perfect pairings

A great tasting wine is a great tasting wine regardless of whether it contains alcohol or not. Feel free to follow the same guidelines you would with a traditional wine when choosing the perfect alcohol-free wine to pair with what you’re serving. 

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